Why use LCC Oil?

Instant online quotes
24 Hour order availability
First Class Service
Quick & secure payment system

Lissan Coal Company's Oil Division was established in 1997 to expand the range of fuels available to our customers. Since then LCC Oil has grown rapidly both in geographical coverage and it's range of services.

A family owned and managed business, LCC Oil prides itself on quality service and value for money. So, as well as skilfully meeting the needs of major commercial companies and the provinces huge agriculture industry, we demand of ourselves that our service to the domestic customer is always fast, friendly and competitively priced.

Ordering online is a simple and straight forward ordering process.

LCC Oil have an efficient and hardworking delivery team on hand to process your order and have it with you when required.

LCC Oil online will make the ‘Hassle’ of ordering oil a thing of the past.

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